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Why Our Mission 

Our mental health & wellness mission for Southeastern Pa, is to decrease the stigma, break the silence, normalize mental wellness, provide mental health education and increase a sustainable level of mental wellness in Black, Brown and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) hotspot communities that have been disproportionately impacted by historical racial trauma, ongoing racial inequities, systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our black and brown communities have endured the tragic fallout from being medically and mentally underserved during the deadly effects of this pandemic.

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 In a world driven by progress and innovation, fostering a culture that empowers individuals to seek the help they need is essential. We strive to break down the barriers surrounding mental health, making it as normal to seek a mental checkup as it is a physical one. Eliminating the stigma of needing a mental health checkup is not just a goal.  It's a necessity. It starts with open conversations. Let's encourage empathy, understanding, and acceptance. When we normalize the idea that mental health checkups are as crucial as physical ones, we empower individuals to seek the help they need.
how We plan To Serve The community

Get To Know The MHFC Approach

Build Awareness

Educate Communities Raise Awareness/Reduce Stigma

Provide The Resource

Increase Community Demand for Information, Skills, Programs, Services

Apply Solutions

Meet that Demand with Culturally Specific, Trauma Informed Mental Wellness Support
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Our Commitment To Our Outcomes & Results

Here at Mental Health First Connects, we are committed to mental health awareness and mental care. 

Commitment One

Seeks to change community norms by reducing mental health stigma, encouraging open discussions, and promoting help-seeking behavior. This entails breaking the silence around mental health issues to foster a supportive environment where seeking help is normalized and accepted.

Commitment Two

Involves a shift towards a holistic, prevention-focused mindset in mental wellness, emphasizing collaboration and coordination among professionals of color for more effective support.

Commitment Three

At Mental Health First Connects, our commitment to mental health awareness, care, and wellness is unwavering. We strive to provide compassionate support and resources to individuals in need, fostering a community where mental well-being and holistic wellness are prioritized and stigma is dismantled. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to empower individuals to seek help, find healing, and thrive.

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Get To Know The Mental  Health First Connect Five Pillars

  1. Awareness
    This pillar focuses on increasing public understanding and recognition of mental health issues. MHFC seeks to destigmatize mental health challenges and encourage open discussions about mental well-being. By raising awareness, MHFC aims to normalize seeking help and acknowledging mental health as a critical component of overall health
  2. Education
    Education is key to empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to manage their mental health effectively. MHFC provides resources, workshops, and training sessions that educate the community about mental health symptoms, coping mechanisms, and the importance of early intervention. This pillar supports the idea that an informed community is better equipped to support its members.
  3. Assessment
     Under the assessment pillar, MHFC emphasizes the importance of early detection and accurate assessment of mental health conditions. This involves providing tools and resources for self-assessment as well as professional evaluations. Accurate assessment is vital for connecting individuals with the appropriate services and treatments.
  4. Advocacy
     MHFC advocates for better mental health policies and services. This pillar supports efforts to influence policymakers, engage stakeholders, and mobilize resources towards mental health initiatives. Advocacy is critical for creating a supportive environment that facilitates access to mental health care for all individuals, regardless of their background
  5. Equity
     We ensure everyone gets fair treatment and access to mental health care. By tackling unfair barriers, we make sure all people, no matter their background or situation, can get the help they need. We focus on creating equal opportunities for support, so everyone has a fair chance at mental well-being.

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